Want to show a number in % in SQL Server? - concatenate a string with % or use Format(aNumber, 'p', 'en-US')

Option 1:
- Need to use CAST or CONVERT to make the numeric into a varchar, then concatenate it with '%'

Option 2:
- Use the Format function in SQL Server 2012

When I tested it, option 2 is much slower than option 1. So if you just want to use it for the presentation purpose, option 1 is recommended.

SELECT custid, orderid, val,
CAST(CAST(100.0 * val / SUM(val) OVER(PARTITION BY custid) AS NUMERIC(5, 2))  as VARCHAR) +'%' AS [pctcust_in_%],
FORMAT(CAST(100.0 * val / SUM(val) OVER() AS NUMERIC(5, 2)), 'p', 'en-US') AS [pcttotal_in_%]
FROM Sales.OrderValues;

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