The "Create" button for new shared dataset in Report Builder 3.0 is dimmed


You must have a shared data source first in order to create a shared dataset. So do that part first.

A Report Builder 2 Error

I created a sub-report in Report Builder 2. It works fine in Report Manager, but it shows the following error in Report Builder 2.0

This report cannot be run in report builder because it contains one or more embedded data sources with credential options that are not supported. Instead of embedded data sources use shared data sources or save and view the report on the server.

This may be a bug. See the blog below.

How to save to Report Server from Report Builder 2.0

1. Report builder 2.0 Ribbon
2. Options
3. In the first box, enter http://localhost/reportserver

Note: (1). Not working if no "http://" (i.e., localhost/reportserver is not enough)
          (2). Shared dataset is a RB3 thing, not possible in RB2.