SQL Server 2008 Report Server - The Properties option is greyed out

Sometimes, when I right click the Reporting Server in SQL Server 2008 in Windows 7, the Properties option is dimmed. This problem is not in Windows XP. Tried uninstall/reinstall, doesn't help. To fix it, need to run SQL server 2008 as an admin in Win 7 explicitly.

Either the user xxx\xxx does not have permissions to access to the referenced mining structure, xxx, or ..... for the DMX Query

Need the semicolon (;) for each statement and execute the statements one at a time.

"Error Loading mining model metadata: No mining models were found." for a new DMX Query

If you see the above error message when performing step 3 on p.427, you need to choose the right database from the drop-down listbox on the left of the Execute botton on the tool bar, just like you typically switch b/t adventureworks and master databases in SSMS. Then the error message will be gone.

The "Show Historic Prediction" checkbox is not shown on the mining model views of a time series prediction

1. Got to the Mining Models tab for the Time Series Prediction model in the design mode.
2. Right click ->Set Algorithm Parameter
3. Set the Historical_Model_GAP to a number (e.g., 6 for 6 time slices between historical models on p.418 of the 70-448 Self-paced Training Kit book)

But if you set it to 1 or >7, the Show Historic Predictions checkbox will not be shown, that's why initially the option was not available as the default value is 10.