An error on connecting to DQS Client and the solution


When I started the DQS Client earlier today at (Local)\SQL2012 (where SQL2012 is the instance name), I got the following error msg:

A new version of .NET or Data Quality Services was installed on this machine. In order to continue to work with DQS please run 'DqsInstaller.exe -upgrade'.


I installed DQS with SQL Server RTM. Then I upgrade SQL Server to SP1 CU3, but not upgrading DQS


1. open a command prompt: CD D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQL2012\MSSQL\Binn
2. dqsinstaller.exe -upgrade

But I still have the same error message. 

Based on this article:

3. dqsinstaller.exe -upgradeDLLs

Now it works!