How to backup and restore SQL Server Agent jobs and SQL Server Logins

1.     No straight foreword method to perform the tasks.
2.     The two work-around options: 
a.      Backup and restore MSDB for SQL Server Agent jobs or the master database for logins

b.     Scripting the jobs and re-executing the scripts. But this option is not an actual backup and restore. For a job, it only re-creates the job and schedule. It will not have the same job_id and schedule_id values. Also the job history will not be there and the latter alone may be reason enough to fail an internal audit. For a login, the SID is not the same. For this option, if you have multiple jobs or logins, you can script them all at once. In SSMS, click on the Jobs folder under SQL Server Agent or the Logins folder under security, then go to Object Explorer Details.  You can select multiple jobs/logins and script them all at the same time.