Where is the Break key on my computer keyboard?


In PowerShell ISE, if you need to break the execution of the cmdlet, you need to use the awkward key combination of CTRL + Break. Unfortunately, on my computer (Dell XPS 18), I do not have the Break key. But I find an alternative solution (Ctrl+Fn+Pause) suggested by others, although it is inconvenient. To me, a better way, obviously, is just to click the red square icon on the tool set under the menus in PowerShell ISE, which is equivalent to the keystroke of Ctrl+Break.


But wait, I do not have the Pause key on my keyboard either. Well, if that's also your case, you need the On-Screen Keyboard. By default, it is off, not showing in the taskbar. You can search on "On-Screen Board" in the Search box on Windows 8/8.1/10. After you find it, you can make it show up temporarily or permanently. There should be a Pause key on it.

P. S.: If you really want to know all of the built-in shortcuts in PowerShell, you can get them by running the following cmdlets (credited to Shay Levy):

$gps = $psISE.GetType().Assembly
$rm = New-Object System.Resources.ResourceManager GuiStrings,$gps
$rs = $rm.GetResourceSet((Get-Culture),$true,$true)
$rs | where Name -match 'Shortcut\d?$|^F\d+Keyboard' | Sort-Object Value | Format-Table -AutoSize