Issues with the project "Creating a Movie Database Application in 15 minutes with ASP.NET MVC"

I first found this web article and tried to duplicate the project with Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

However, I have encountered several issues in the process:

1. The original project was created in VS 2008, so the create/save table part is slightly different in VS 2012.

2. If it complains "using MovieEntityApp.Models", then remember that MovieEntityApp should be the project name

3. It then complains the MovieSet part, I found this thread.

So I downloaded the source code. But it cannot be upgraded to VS 2012.

Then I tried to upgrade it to VS 2010. Open the solution in VS 2010. It works great!

4. I also watched the original video by Stephen Walther, and follow the instructions to duplicate the exercise. Yes, I had to download MVC for Visual Studio 2008.

It was amazing that Visual Studio 2008 automatically fills up the code in MoviesDBModel.Designer.cs. It works perfectly in Visual Studio 2008.