The Changes of SSMS from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012

Summary of Changes:

1. The node "Full-Text Search" in SSMS 2005 Object Explorer no longer exists in SQL Server 2008 and upper anymore. This node was designed as a convenience way to start/stop the FTS service, and it is redundant with "SQL Server Full-Text Search" service in SQL Server Configuration Manager. It has been removed from Object Explorer in SSMS from SQL Server 2008 and onward. The FTS Service name also has been modified sightly to "SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher" from SQL Server 2008. To create a Full-Text Catalog in SQL Server 2008 and onward, you need to go to a database, then Storage.

2. The items in the green box are new features for that particular version.

3. There are no differences b/t the object explorer in SQL Server 2008 and that in 2008 R2.

4. SQL Mail has been discontinued in SQL Server 2012.